How To Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many might wonder how to find the best personal injury lawyer in Austin as there are so many options, that it can be overwhelming.

Considering that you might already be overwhelmed by the pain and stress from having sustained an injury due to the negligence of another party, you might Google “Best Personal Injury Lawyer,” make a few calls and call it a day.

That is a good theory because you can basically throw a rock in Austin or San Antonio, and hit 10 lawyers, but you will have to wade through a few before you find someone that will take your case or someone that will actually tell you the truth and possibly not lead you on about the facts that will make a strong case in your favor.


Before you hire anyone, write down your recount of what happened, and all parties (all negligent parties and witnesses included.)

Writing down what happened will help you remember important details that will help us build a solid case for you. Although as lawyers, we do not enjoy delivering bad news to prospective or even current clients, when we face facts that will make it tough for us to prove negligence, we have to let you know so that you or our team do not drag on a case where the odds are heavily stacked against us. (Note: not all attorneys do this, and may end up dragging out your case until the statute of limitations expires and do you a disservice).

Do your research

When looking for personal injury lawyers, it is best to visit their website and read reviews of the potential personal injury lawyer you will be hiring.

Before you make any calls, you will also want to read reviews from past clients. What did they say about how the lawyer treated them through the process of recovery and finally reaching a fair and just settlement?

You will also want to make note if the lawyer or law firm actually addressed any feedback and how they did so.

Make some calls

Once you have made a list of lawyers that you would like to work with, then start making some calls!

Although you might not initially speak to the lawyer when you first call (you might get a paralegal, assistant or receptionist) you will eventually speak to the lawyer and you will want to be able to feel comfortable speaking with them. You may be working with this person for many months (even possibly years,) so make sure that you make several calls before signing any agreement!

Personal injury law can be tough because when you are seeking help, you may also be going through a lot of pain and upheaval of life as you knew it (especially after a traumatic experience such as a car crash or fatal car accident in Austin.) That is why you will want to be working with someone that cares when they speak to you, and gives you the respect and compassionate service you deserve.

Sign an agreement

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you will NEVER have to pay any upfront fees or retainers. All personal injury lawyers are required by law to only take no more than a certain percentage of the final settlement. Ask the lawyer what their percentage will be if you were to win a settlement. They will have this all outlined in the agreement that will be signed should you choose to hire that personal injury attorney.

Now that you have chosen the best personal injury lawyer for your case, then make sure to answer calls and emails from your lawyer in a timely manner. Remember personal injury lawyers do not bill by the hour and only get paid if they win a settlement on your behalf.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us, or leave a comment. Good luck and be safe out on the Austin and San Antonio roads!