“My case was being handled by another law firm and sat for almost TWO years without any outcome – almost to the deadline for the Statute of Limitations. Jaime took over the case and filed a lawsuit and settled my case. Come to find out, right after he took over apparently the police report had indicated I was at-fault in the accident.  Yet, he was able to turn that around to my favor. I highly recommend him.”
– Behnam P

“Jaime is one of a kind. He’s helped my clients and been representing them. His experience in auto accident claims will help you with getting what you deserve. The consultation is free. I recommend calling him.”
– Gateway Insurance Agency

“Jaime was able to resolve my case in a timely manner. We highly recommend him. He kept me updated and is very friendly. It’s nice to be able to feel like yourself and not like you’re in trouble whenever you speak. If you need someone to help, go see Jaime!”
– Marcy G

“Mr. Treviño was always available to answer my questions and handled everything quickly and effectively. He is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!”
– Justin M

“Jaime was a super great lawyer. Very good at communicating and letting you know exactly what’s happening, step by step. He made this process easy and stress-free. I am very satisfied with the work he’s done and the fees are very fair! Thank you, Jaime!!!”
– Courtney B

“Very professional atmosphere!! It was my first time going through something like this…. so I really appreciated how they were very thorough in explaining my case to me, and keeping me updated. I got more than I expected in a very timely manner! Thanks so much.”
– Monica G