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austin animal attack attorneysMost people don’t think that an Austin, TX family outing is going to end up tragically. Although not common, being attacked by a wild animal can happen and when it does, it is very frightening. Additionally, it may result in devastating medical injuries. If you or a family member has been injured, you need answers. Get experienced legal guidance by calling Austin Wild Animal Attack Lawyer Jaime Treviño at Treviño Law.

How Wild Animals Differ From Domesticated Animals

The term “wild animal” refers to any animal that is not “domesticated“. This means that the animal lives outside of human intervention or without human aid and/or care.  The animal, in its own natural habitat, exists, finding its own food and water sources, shelter, and other necessities for survival.  Wild animals also are free to roam and at times end up crossing paths with people.

It is widely known that domesticate are considered tame and their owners are subject to negligence liability for any injuries they may cause. But what happens when you are attacked and injured by an animal that is not of the standard “pet” variety? Liability and the law can seem to exist in the grey areas, and that is why it is important to reach out to someone who knows.

Who Is Liable?

Liability for Wild Animal Attacks on Private Land

Predominately, attacks by wild animals, those not being held legally captive, are subject to a common law rule of animals ferae naturae (wild-natured). This is designed to prevent property owners from being held negligent for animal attacks that occur on their land, but it does not protect the private property owner from liability if they failed to take proper care in preventing the injury. Proving negligence in this type of case is much the same as other personal injury claims, wherein the injured person (or their survivors) must prove four elements:

  • duty of care;
  • breach of that duty;
  • causation; and
  • damages

It becomes difficult to show negligence in event that a truly wild animal wanders onto a person’s property without their knowledge and subsequently injures someone. If you have questions about a wild animal attack, it is recommended to seek legal counsel. The Austin Personal Injury Attorneys at Treviño Law can listen to your circumstances and help you make a decision on how to proceed after your injury.

Liability for Wild Animal Attacks on Public Land

In some jurisdictions, local or state governments can be held liable for wild animal injuries that occur on public land. The concept stands on the preface that warnings made about the threat or possibility of danger due to wild animals were not adequate to prevent an injury. While the government is usually exempt from liability, if it can be proven that the government should have (or could have) prevented an injury to the victim of a wild animal attack, it may be held negligent.

Getting Help for Your Injury

When you have been a victim of an animal attack or another personal injury, getting better is priority number one.  At Treviño Law, we understand that this not just a case to you. It really is your life and your future. You may not be able to work and provide for your family during recovery. Medical bills can quickly pile up and put you behind, financially. Let us help you. If we take your injury case, we will handle investigating the incident, determining liability and filing the important paperwork. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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